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Drinking! You wanna drink? This city's got bars!

Dancing! DRG, Joanne Loveless, Gene Merideth, DJ Riel and special guest DJs will be rocking the turntables for your dancing pleasure.

Bands! Performing live at The Pussycat Lounge will be NYC's own all-star all-sccoterist band: The Sidepanels.

Scooter riding! Like, no shit, it's a fucking rally. All rides will be all vintage scooters only. Sorry, that's just how we roll.

Awards! Saturday afternoon, all registered scooters will be up for the chance to win awards. From the shiniest to the rattiest!

Talking shit! Yeah motherfucker, bring it!

Food! What? You don't like our Saturday barbecue? Fine, go be like that. This city has some of the best chefs and restaurants on the whole fucking planet.

Gymkhana! As if the potholes and taxi cabs and New Jersey drivers aren't bad enough to ride around, we're building an obstacle course. Bring your smallframe, sign the waiver, and show us what skillz you got.

Debauchery! We'll have go-go dancers in the bars, and in case you didn't know, The Pussycat Lounge has a strip club on the bottom floor.

Vintage swap meet! Bring out all those old leftover parts that you never used. Find a good home for that restoration project you're never going to finish. Swap, sell, and trade.

Fighting! You wanna talk some shit? Then you best be ready to back it the fuck up! Just make sure you do it out in the street and not in our venues.

Spot raffles! Because we're honestly sick of standing around at the other rallies for those two-hour-fucking-long giveaways. This year we'll be breaking it down into fast little on-location raffles to award the people who show up.

Getting lost! This is a big city, and can even disorient those of us who live here. Fortunately, we'll be keeping all of the venues close together and easy to access, and we'll try not to lose anyone.

More drinking! 1) This is NYC, last call is at 4am but can go until sunrise if you know the bar owners and get locked in for the night. 2) This is a rally, not some bullshit family-friendly kiddie-pool "block party".

Going the fuck home! Because all good things come to an end. And we'll probably all need time to recover.


But remember boys and girls: ride by day, drink by night, and please don't mix the two. If you're gonna hit the shots, leave your scooter locked.